2nd Ecan meeting in Barcelona – April 15-16, 2023

The anti-Croisières Mediterranean alliance is built!

This weekend gathered various anti-crossed collectives in southern Europe, under the banner of the European Cruise Activist Network (ECAN). We have exchanged about our concerns and issues related to the cruises around round tables concerning environmental and social impacts, the problems due to mass tourism, the political context of our different cities and the alliance in the Mediterranean and in Europe.

We are working on a joint line of actions on the Mediterranean scale and have co-written a manifesto (below).

Participated: Stop Creuers Catalunya, Stop Cruises Marseille, Comitato Nograndinavi ComMisió Ciutat Ciutat Port València and PlataForma against Els Megacreuers de Mallorca

Find the manifesto here: Manifesto-Ecan-European-Cruises-Activits-Network

Press article: https://www.publico.es/public/mobilitzacio-els-creuers-7-maig-bcelona-i-tarragona.html?utm_campaign=twitter