Blocking of “Wonder of the Seas” with Extinction Rebellion – June 14, 2022 – Plea for Action

Embody the change we want to see

Cruise ships have imposed themselves on the Marseille territory and its inhabitants, despite their fears and the relay operated by elected officials. Faced with this, the companies, the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille and its auxiliaries offered workshops, groups
work, innovations and technical solutions, without the aforementioned problems ever being resolved. The moments of
consultations, round tables, workshops have never had any results.

On the contrary, these mechanisms are to the advantage of industries which have considerable time and money at their disposal, where residents struggle for their life time.

Faced with this failure, it is not possible to remain conventional and comply with the imposed conditions, since they will never be in our favor. The action to block the largest liner in the world, the Wonder of the Seas, which was carried out on June 14, 2022, was deliberately designed to impose itself on cruise stakeholders, in the same way that they impose their damage on territory.

In this way we demonstrate our ability to act, to show that our beliefs are not hobbies. We are ready to take legal risks, to put our lives in danger to assert a fundamental right, denied by the very existence of the cruise industry and its consequences, that of living in a balanced and respectful environment. health.

Par Collectif Stop Croisières
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