Denunciation of the “Wonder of the Seas” – July 12, 2022 – Image gallery

crédit : Stop Croisières

As long as it continues to pollute our coast and poison our inhabitants, we will continue to denounce this floating aberration that is the Wonder of the Seas, currently the largest liner in the world.

It is therefore also the most polluting to date, whose construction has the worst carbon footprint, and still the one which consumes the most resources for its propulsion (heavy fuel) but also for the maintenance of its swimming pools, surf simulator, bar with dancing robots, ice rinks, but also air conditioning, electricity in general, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc. Able to transport almost 7,000 passengers, it alone causes the growth of mass tourism in all the ports where it passes.

The company that operates it, Royal Caribbean Cruise, already has four others of the same style and is in the process of building a sixth. Until this industry hears that this vacation model is no longer sustainable or desirable, we will continue to oppose it.