European mobilization against mass tourism – September 27 22 – Image gallery

crédit : Stop Croisières

Several cities in southern Europe appeal on the occasion of World Tourism Day. The objective is to denounce the impact and the consequences of the intensification of tourism in this post-pandemic phase given the worsening of the climate and social crisis.

This summer, we attended a return of mass tourism which, in some cases, is statistically closer to the pre -covid period, in others, it clearly exceeds it. This reactivates and aggravates the processes of exclusion from the local population and exploitation/precarious work for a population already very affected by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. But it also has an impact on air and sea pollution, with massive tourists from the air and by boats.

For all these reasons, the SET network has once again chosen the symbolic date of World Tourism Day to call to demonstrate. This day is indeed used by lobbies and public administrations to celebrate new records and give a new positive image to a harmful industry.

In Marseille, at the initiative of the Stop Cruises collective, the mobilization was made around the themes of cruises, the extension of the airport and the increase in the price of housing. These issues encompass that of mass tourism because these are consequences of a model of tourism and economic development little concerned with the current environmental, social and economic issues of the Marseille city. This mobilization made it possible to highlight the various collectives and people mobilized on these subjects.

Cities engaged against mass tourism

Gathering on Vieux port