“Inside Stop Cruises” – Preparation and installation of banners of 09/27/22

crédit : carlogarson

I am not a harmless phenomenon. It often involves the arrival of thousands or millions of people in the same places. It leads to the extension of airports, to the construction of gigantic cruise ships, it causes rents to flame and pushes residents outside the city center, etc. We cannot celebrate a phenomenon that ignores these social and ecological parameters.

So the SET network formed. A network of European cities to rethink tourism other than by the mass and consumption of places. This same day Barcelona, Lisbon, Naples, Palma, Ajaccio, Marseille, Venice, Valence, Toulon, Cordoba etc. will call to rethink trips up to local realities.

In Marseille, the city center takes on the appearance of a tourist showcase. Cruises arrive, pollute and leave. The airport is growing to drain more climatic aircraft. The buildings of the inhabitants collapse, migrants and homeless people sleep in the street while Airbnb and beautiful hotels multiply, that prices rise.

Marseille is not for sale. Marseille is us, it is you and we will not give what makes our life such a destructive phenomenon if it is not radically redesigned.

Preparation of banners and signs for European mobilization of September 27, 2022

Our banners and their facilities to raise awareness among Marseille motorists