Round table on cruises – September 24, 2022 – Image gallery

crédit : Stop Croisières

Stop Cruises accepted the invitation to a round table organized by the MP of Bouches-du-Rhône Hendrik Davi to develop avenues for regulatory and legislative developments around cruises at different scales (local, national, European).

This public meeting also brought together Manon Aubry and Marina measure, MEP, Hendrik Davi and Manuel Bompard, deputies of the BDR, Laurent Lhardit and Sébastien Barles, assistants at the town hall of Marseille.

Our citizen role was to testify to the terrible health, environmental and social impact of cruises, so that elected officials can
Position yourself on which legislative remedies can be set up to respond to them. When a good part of the city center
Finally pass into a low -emission zone (ZFE), the Marseillais are ready to make efforts, but the port is not included and leaves cruise lines at the quay polluting as much as 30,000 cars. We cannot accept this and our elected officials must be responsible before this observation.

The deputies presented concrete measures that could be developed. Given the environmental and social issues The cruise industry cannot be maintained in the coming decades. It has been identified a stopping horizon of this industry with planning to be set up for the retraining of the sector.