Venise Camp II – 8-10 sept 23

For the second time, Stop Cruises received the invitation from our Italian comrades from No Grandi Navi, at Venice Climate Camp. Memories of the previous edition here.

A first meeting during the previous edition, in seven 2022, had enabled a large round table on cruises, bringing together in particular Venice struggles of course, but also Barcelona and Marseille. This fruit exchange had enabled the launch of an anti-crossed European network, called Ecan, for European Cruise Activist Network, following the example of the International Gcan Network, for Global Cruise Activist Network.

It is therefore the 3rd network meetings, after that of the Venice Camp in September 2022, and that of Barcelona of April 2023. A rather active network therefore!

Find the manifesto here: Manifesto-Ecan-European-Cruises-Activits-Network

8, 9 and 10 September 2023 – Ecan meetings at the Climate Camp in Venice